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Admiration For Eric: Lolla

as printed in Dec. 1995 Spin, [The Hole Truth, By Courtney Love]
how sweet

Eric has come into his own at long last. He is a brilliant and respected guitarist. My bond with him has always been twisted; we both want the same thing but go about getting it differently. I draw outside the lines and all the grown-ups think I'm super-original, while Eric traces that li'l seer in the back og the mag perfectly. So we connect in our weirdo way, and when we do it's great, the very real truth, purity.

I overpacked, we all overpacked. And then we all extravagantly overshopped in keeping up with our various hobbies and interests. Eric: clowns, clown suits, medical textbooks on megalomania and narcissism and rubber goods. The pervy stuff is split down the middle evenly between Eric and me; if I'm purchasing, say, a new cat o' nine, I make sure to double it for Eric.

she has you