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Converstation Between Courtney and Eric

printed in Dec. 1995 Spin about Lollapalooza["The Hole Truth By Courtney Love"]

Food was communal on Lolla,which ixnayed it for me, so I had to call Eric after the tour to ask him about it:

Me: E?

Eric: What is it? (usually it's "What happened?")

Me: It's food.

Eric: Huh?

Me: Food, food on Lolla. What was the food like?

Eric: Why?

Me: Just answer the fuckin' question.....Was it good?

Eric: It was okay. Why? Why does it matter?

Me: I dunno, that Spin thing I'm doing.

Eric: You think they really care about the food on Lolla?

Me:No. I think they wanna know if Drew has any cellulite.

Eric: Are you gonna print that?

Me: What?

Eric: What you just...

Me: What I just...

Both: Said?

Me: No...God,answer the question.

Eric: About food?

Me: Yeah, like did you make any friends in the food place?

Eric: I don't have any friends. (Pause)

Me: Eric?

Eric: Yeah?

Me: You are a bad interview.

Eric: Well, Courtney, maybe I'll just practice in front of the mirror.

Me: Good idea.

He hangs up.

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